• Serena McGowan

2020 Goals

Updated: Jan 19

2020 has a different ring to it. With the start of a new decade upon us, we start to think about what we are going to achieve this month, this year and this decade. Maybe you want to find a new job, or move out, or start saving money. Whatever you decide, you have to have a plan of action in order to achieve those goals.

This year, one of my larger, overarching goals is to grow this blog. Through my reading and learning, I know it is not an overnight process and takes time and patience. People don’t know a blog exists until they see other people reading it or searching for it. Even though this website is half blog and half showcasing my services, I think with time, it will become the ever-growing blog I know it can be. In order to get to where I think it could be, I came up with these action items to make sure I follow through with my goal:

- Sticking to my content calendar

- Posting about my new posts

- Actively marketing my website and services on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

- Don’t force content

Another goal that will span over the entire year is picking up coding again. Throughout college, I coded numerous projects in a variety of languages. I swore after graduation I would never touch it again, but all this time away from it had left me missing it. Coding is a challenge. I’ll be the first to admit it, but a challenge that always leaves me feeling good at the end of the day. In order to be well rounded in the IT field, it’s important to cultivate all skills that have been obtained over the years. Yes, becoming a specialist in one particular area of technology is cool, but being able to hop into other areas when needed makes for a well rounded IT Professional.

A smaller goal is to stay healthy mentally and physically between working full time, teaching dance classes and having a social life. Sometimes, it feels like there are never enough hours in the day, and they just fly by. In order to do that, I’ve been prioritizing sleep and recovery from my workouts. Having that extra time in the morning or at night allows me to stay focused and not become associated with my work from the second I wake up to the second I go to sleep. It’s important to have that separation because I (or insert your name here) am not my work. Along with this comes staying healthy so that I have the energy to go out and have a social life outside of work. The action steps for this goal are:

- Taking my supplements daily

- Not having too much caffeine

- Drinking more than enough water

- Eat foods that make me feel good inside and out

- Exercise in the morning

- Read my devotional in the morning

Goals don’t always have to be these huge, out of reach ideas that are impossible to achieve. I always try to have a small goal, a medium goal and a large goal. Most of the time, the small and medium sized goal(s) will be my stepping stones for achieving the bigger goal in time. Something that I will make sure I do in 2020 is check in every so often to see where I am in relation to where I want to be. Doing this will allow me to stay accountable and press on towards the goal.