• Serena McGowan

A Look Into My Work Space

Updated: Mar 17

I tend to do most of my work in my room. I separate casual scrolling through Facebook or Pinterest from writing blogs or doing research by where I sit in my room. If I’m just hanging out, I’ll sit on the window box or my bed. If it’s time to study or write, I’ll sit at my desk.

When I was first choosing a desk for my room, I was very particular about the height, length, and storage components. My first priority was to make sure it was long enough to be a future home to two, maybe three, monitors. Even if I never end up with my multi-monitor dream set up, I still wanted a long desk because I like to spread things out when I’m working in order to see everything. Next was storage. I knew I needed drawers or open cubbies that I can put containers in. I only wanted drawers on one side because I like the idea of having more open space underneath the desk. Lastly, it had to be black. The rest of my furniture is black and my walls are white so I didn’t want it to blend in with the walls.

On top of my desk, I have fake plants to the right and left to keep things bright and airy. I can’t stand sitting at a desk facing a wall that’s boring and not decorated. I get bored, distracted, and am not productive. Your work space is a reflection of who you are and what you’re trying to accomplish. The top of my desk is also home to my laptop and iPad. I have both sitting right next to each other for website testing. I love being able to test and view websites on all different devices so I test on the iPad, laptop, and my phone. I try very hard not to keep anything else there. Maybe a book, or a few pens, but that’s about it.

Above my desk is a three-piece picture of a world map in black and white. I love quotes, but can never commit to just one. I feel that if I put just one on my wall, I’d change it in a week. I also like flowers, but that’s not the theme I’m going with for my workspace. I even thought about making a collage and picking several things that I like and sticking them on the wall, but again, I would constantly be changing that also. The map of the world is a reminder for me about my desire to travel, see bigger things, and to never settle for what is ordinary.

I love getting my work done at home because this is where I feel most comfortable. I do love a good coffee shop work session but it’s not always necessary to buy a $3-4 cup of coffee just to get some work done when there’s coffee at home. Yeah, you could write it off as a “business expense,” but you could also save that money for traveling, or a bigger purchase.

Overall, I think everyone’s work space should be somewhere that they feel most comfortable being the most productive. If that means at a desk, great. If that means at a coffee shop, cool. If that means in bed, awesome. Regardless of the location, it should be somewhere that motivates you to accomplish whatever tasks you need to accomplish that day.